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2017 Pinot Gris
This pinot Gris, from Santa Cruz County, has full- bodied floral, lemon and fennel aromas. The flavors are like bitting into a fresh green apple while smelling lemons and flowers.
Bottle $22 (Club $18.70)

2018 Rosé of Tannat
The juice of this dry rosé sat on the grape skins for several hours before some of it was saigné​​​​​​​ed (drained) off to make this lovely pink wine. Grown in the Silvaspoons Vineyard in Alta Mesa, the hearty Tannat grape allowed this rosé to develop a full, round mouth-feel, while leaving delightful strawberry and pomegranate notes in the finished wine.
Bottle $22 (Club $18.70)

Hedgehog Red Lot #63
Currently a delicious blend of Lodi and Santa Clara Valley Zinfandel (50%), Santa Cruz Pino Noir (25%), and Santa Cruz Petite Sirah (25%). Part of our refillable bottle scheme that also includes a Hedgehog White and Pink!
Refillable Bottle Scheme. First purchase of bottle $5; Fill $14 (Club fill $12)

2017 Silvaspoons Petite Sirah
This Petite Sirah, from the Silvaspoons Vineyard in Alta Mesa, has carefully managed tannins that leave plenty of room for the flavors in the wine to shine. From the warm aromas of vanilla and nutmeg balanced by the fruity spiced cherry and pomegranate flavors, this is a great wine to pair with BBQ or sip on its own.
Bottle $28 (Club $23.80)

2017 Savaria Petite Sirah
A superb example of the effects of terroir, and unique sense of place that is the Savaria Vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains. A relatively cool area for growing Petite Sirah, this vineyard produces a surprisingly elegant Petite with lovely aromas followed by notes of spiced cherry. 
Bottle $28 (Club $23.80)

Welcome to Sones Cellars! 
We are a small, urban family winery on the West Side in Santa Cruz. Since 2003, we have focused on Petite Sirah and Zinfandel from local and exceptional vineyards. Canción del mar, a full-flavored, aromatic blend, is our signature white wine. All Sones wines are made in small lots, in a distinctively Californian style, from mostly organic or sustainably-raised grapes, with careful attention to detail and with minimal intervention during the winemaking process.
In keeping with our efforts to preserve our environment, we encourage the return of our bottles for re-use and accept all natural corks for recycling with ReCORK. Our house red blend, Hedgehog, is available exclusively from the winery in refillable bottles.
Full Sones Cellars Wine List:
2016 Petite Sirah, Savaria Vineyard - Bottle: $28 (Club $23.80)
2017 Petite Sirah, Alta Mesa - Bottle: $28 (Club $23.80)
2017 Petite Sirah, Savaria Vineyard - Bottle: $28 (Club $23.80)
2017 Pinot Gris - Bottle: $22 (Club $18.70)​​​​​​​
2018 Rosé of Tannat - Bottle: $22 (Club $18.70)
Refillable Hedgehog
Hedgehog Red Lot #63, Zinfandel (50%), Petite Sirah (25%), Pino Noir (25%). First time purchase: $5 Bottle. Refill $14 (Club $12)
Hedgehog White Lot #11 Pinot Gris (90%), Torrontés (10%).  First time purchase: $5 Bottle. Refill $14 (Club $12)
Hedgehog Pink, Saignéed Zinfandel.  First time purchase: $5 Bottle. Refill $14 (Club $12)​​​​​​​
Hedgehog Wines 
With our in-house Hedgehog Red and White, Sones Cellars has pioneered wine bottle reuse in California. We developed Hedgehog, our refillable wine bottle program, in 2010 as a way to care for the planet by re-using bottles, as well as offering a tasty table wine at a reasonable price for everyday drinking. Customers can purchase a bottle with a swing top and a fun Hedgehog logo, then have it filled from one of the Hedgehog barrels in the tasting room - over and over again. The lots are numbered and the wine in the Hedgehog barrel changes every few weeks, making for interesting variety in drinking.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​